Part three: if only you could own a share in a Central Bank…guess what, you can!

The response to the first two parts has been the kind of response a life-changing moment should get…even so I am truly humbled…

The questions so far:

  • how or where do I buy shares?
  • how much are the shares?
  • is there a minimum investment?
  • expected Return on Interest?
  • will there be a dividend?
  • should I be thinking of this as a long-term investment?
  • will they be taking the company public through an IPO?
  • what are the future plans for expansion?
  • am I buying shares in a business or a cryptocurrency?
  • can you do a webinar so we can find out more and get questions answered?
  • should I buy Gold, Silver, Bitcoin or these Shares?
  • never done anything like this will you hold my hand through the process?
  • is the deadline for buying the shares and paying for the shares the 30th June?
  • I have a contact that has a lot of money to invest, is there a fee if I make the introduction and connect you?
  • can I make my investment direct to ABX and in complete confidence?
  • do you mind me asking how you are involved in the process?

The answers:

ABX are very keen EVERYBODY should know EVERYTHING they need to know to be comfortable to make their investment. However, they know some powerful parties are watching closely so they have asked me to keep the answers off the blog open to the world.

If you would like to see the answers to all these questions and more, simply email me for the word document: It is certainly important to me to get as much knowledge out to you as I possible can.

Very exciting times.