Part two: if only you could own a share in a Central Bank…guess what, you can!

We left Part one within touching distance of the greatest opportunity

Decentralising…means making it ethical

The Global Monetary System has always been controlled by a small number of incredibly influential banking corporations and banking families…to the benefit of the 1%. Decentralisation is happening across the globe and that control is being eroded. ABX is about to speed that up and in that process:

  • Many layers of “middlemen” will be cut out with this new transparency – there will be no hiding places for them!.
  • ABX will be creating a new level to which regulators can aspire to.
  • The precious metals miners themselves will be released from an unfair system.
  • People to people and peer to peer revolutions will have found a new home – creating the equivalent of a Central Bank with a difference.

The people’s Central Bank?

Bill Gates once said: “Banking is important, banks are not”. Right now, he is being proven right on two levels.  I heard the amazing thoughts of Chris Skinner, Fintech expert, on Robert Kiyosaki’s radio show last week, and he said; “within a decade 80% of branches will be gone” – that is banks at the branch network pretty much done. Then there are of course the banking institutions themselves. Well it is a fact that 2.5 billion people do not have a bank account. That is a third of the planet’s masses. Even in the UK 1.5 million adults have no bank account. They still have banking in their lives…they just survive without or do not need a bank! If you are reading this having never had to worry about not having a bank then you are unlikely to have a clue that there are more ways to do your banking without a bank than there are with one! Chris Skinner went on to say: “89% of the population of the continent of Africa has a mobile phone, doubling in the last five years”, and the point he was making was this has empowered masses of people to transact banking in many innovative ways via those handsets. But of course, all over the world many people have existed forever without banks perfectly well. Now do you get my earlier comment about those we might not expect living their life with a better understanding of the Rockefeller quote? You see they have had to exist out of the system we have been funnelled in to, and bank in ways we know nothing of.

The genius of Crowdfunding and many other peer-to-peer lending, funding and supporting platforms can be executed without banks. There are apps specific to the very poor, there are others specific to other demographic types and groupings. The internet has changed everything…including banking WITHOUT banks.

ABX sits perfectly placed to facilitate the rapidly developing revolution.

And this is the ultimate reason to own a share…!

A Central Bank originally had Gold & Silver vaulted to cover the currency that they printed for us to use as money. The history of how this accountability was eroded is complex, but in simple terms the fate of the concept of banks having this store of value was sealed in 1971 by President Nixon. Therefore, with zero Gold & Silver in them the Central Banks look less like a Central Bank than ABX does, given it has many tonnes of precious metal vaulted in seven centres around the globe.

The final piece in this jigsaw…the most disruptive of new worlds!

One of the out-of-the-system banking methods that has evolved in the last 8 years is the peer-to-peer system called cryptocurrency. Originated by Bitcoin there are now over 700 versions of cryptocurrency and more launching every week. If you cut through the majority of what has been written about this market it truly is banking – in so many diverse ways – without banks. The peer-to-peer design means layers of middlemen, hiding places, charges and much more beyond, have been cut away, to the benefit of real people.

There is one huge flaw in the model for most of those cryptocurrencies. They are also not attached to a store of value. This means any of those that people choose to buy can, in theory, reduce to a zero value and disappear. Indeed, that has happened to some cryptocurrencies.

In the next four weeks, the entire cryptocurrency market is set to be revolutionised. The ABX platform plays a critical role. Some very clever people have designed a unique cryptocurrency that acts completely differently to any other, it could become a banking system for the entire population of the planet because it has no boundaries. It could become what some have termed the “democratisation of money”!

It answers the one flaw in ALL other cryptocurrencies. They have attached it to something of value. Every single coin ever mined will be tied to physical Gold or Silver. Meaning each coin will never go below the value of the Gold or Silver that is assigned to it.

That changes everything…it disrupts the most disruptive of new worlds.

Even though I am reluctant to pick just one reason it changes everything I will do so. Institutional investment funds have not been able to enter the cryptocurrency space until now. Trillions of dollars are waiting with baited breath. This provides the solution to that waiting and I know they are lining up ready for the launch of this coin. Why? Not just because this development ensures a minimum value, but it also creates something many fund managers thought was impossible…a yield on Gold. Even if you do not quite understand that significance, do you think that the interest of these investment gurus is something that you might not want to dismiss?

There was only one place they could bring the concept to, the only platform on the planet that can facilitate this – Allocated Bullion Exchange.

Again…you understand why I have had to lay this out like this, I am certain now?

The full story of why this version of cryptocurrency is such a genius development, and set to make a new version of money, will become clear leading up to its launch in the next four weeks.

But think about this last and most critical of points.

The only reason ABX have got this contract to supply this Gold & Silver – which will be billions in value – is because Tom saw the vacuum that existed and built the platform in the first place. He filled a void that needed to be filled, we just didn’t know it yet, we do now.

NOTE: things are moving so fast that it is now three cryptocurrencies not just one, that have come to ABX for the precious metal they require to back their coins. This suggests many more will follow. ABX is ready for anything. No matter how banking evolves as more and more is cut away from Central Banks and is decentralised…ABX is ready! 

Louis Pasteur wrote “chance favours the prepared mind”.

Building of the ABX platform is the epitome of this insight, because having built it they could not have known how other brilliant minds would then build their own ventures and use ABX as both the upstream and downstream solution to all their physical Gold & Silver supply, vaulting and banking requirements.

​​​​​​​Exactly how do you buy your share and what is the offer?

ABX is seeking to receive immediate indications of interest in the purchase of ordinary shares up to the amount of US$5m. They are happy for any level of due diligence to be performed on their company. My role is simply to facilitate bringing anyone who is interested in owning a part of this extraordinary business, whether it is at a level from fifty quid to fifty thousand quid, into the full knowledge of how this will work.

Note: I am not an investment advisor and this is not investment advice, I am simply putting you and the knowledge together. PLEASE DO READ THE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION…and find out how you can do your due diligence on ABX.

In conclusion…YES it is so much information, I get that, it has to be, given its enormity. Please read the collaterals through the link or email your questions. Simply take some time to decide if this is your moment in what will be one rapidly moving landscape.

I now feel reassured that I have done what I set out to do, thank you for getting to this moment. And breathe!

There is no such thing as a stupid question, apart from the one you did not ask that could have changed your life…please ask:

Remember the saying: “when everybody is panning for gold, sell pans”? History shows that those invested in the very thing that facilitates any kind of financial revolution, are always the winners – Bill Gates has been the wealthiest man on the planet for so many years because he chose to play that exact role.

This is the ultimate example of selling pans…buying a share of the People’s Central Bank! 

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