Bitcoin from virtual into reality…owning a share in a tangible business

The ABX Share Offer took a fascinating twist…amazing response by the way, thank you

I want to own share but I don’t have any spare cash…I have been busy buying Bitcoin and Etheruem” said a friend of mine.

How badly do you want to own those shares in ABX?” I said.

I have this funny feeling in my tummy – I don’t quite understand it but I just know that this is going to change everything. I want to own shares.” She replied.

“Then it is obvious surely?” I paused, she paused, slightly embarrassing silence, clearly not that obvious! So she was waiting for me to tell her what I thought was so obvious that she didn’t get. “What are you using your Bitcoin for? Holding it for growth or maybe even waiting for an opportunity to diverse your investments with it?”

“Err, I am not sure, haven’t really thought about it, it is kind of just sitting there and has made a big gain!”  Was the the sort of answer without a plan!

“Brilliant…take your Bitcoin gains out of the virtual world and pile them into something real. Make what was, let’s be honest, what many would think a speculative punt into a great asset.” 

The penny dropped…I mean the digital coin dropped. Bitcoin wallet details were swapped and a few minutes later the Bitcoin was pinging its way to me. She was doing cartwheels and I was…well I was actually educated to another level. This world of cryptocurrency is not the inflexible, opaque world that the media would have us believe. It is possible to be clever with it, it is not that scary, it is all about embracing the knowledge. I am simply sharing mine.

Simple question…who has Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency sat in a wallet and has no idea what to do with it next…why not make it real and own part of the world’s next Central Bank? Why not make sense of your Bitcoin…carve out a new future from the fuure of money.

Questions? Come on there must be one burning inside you…

If so…come and listen to “ABX share offering an overview in 45 minutes” this evening – simply email me for the Webinar Link…it is at 9pm, but it will be recorded. Get your questions answered. 

This is a very much a NOW thing!