Be more Bill! Bitcoiners…what are you actually doing with it?

If you are just holding on to it without an actual strategy then you have just become a hoarder…did you mean to become an accidental Bitcoin hoarder?

OK so you did it…you own Bitcoin. But it is not very Bill Gates is it if you are not actually going to do anything with it?  It is time to Be more Bill!

Be more Bill!

Bitcoin, Ethereum…any of them…however, you came by them, do you have a strategy?

Buy, Hold, Pray…is not a strategy.

Bitcoin in pictures…the last 24 hours…not great but not disastrous:


The last week! Just under eight percent off the value in a week! Hmm…uncomfortable:


The last month…OK so only 1.33% movement over the month. YES, but! Look at the size of the swing during the month, does this look like a market that either knows where it is going or fills you with a feeling of safety?


The incredible “Bull Market” of the last year. Where does it go next? I have no idea…nobody on planet earth has any idea…which means you certainly do not have any idea…laugh at anyone that says they do:


By the way if you own any crytocurrency and did not know that these stats are readily available out there, then you are a hoarder! You did Buy, Hold, Pray!

“What makes you the expert, just months into owning some cryptocurrency”…I imagine some are chuntering. I am not. In fact, I am not an expert on anything. But I draw on experts all day long. Massive research, massive investment in my own financial education. I am simply transferring my knowledge:

“if you learn, teach” – Maya Angelou

Something is happening right here, right now…some of us have grasped that there is a new future in money unfolding before our eyes…some are coming out of the volatility into the store of value!

Bill Gates doesn’t Buy, Hold, Pray! Bill Gates doesn’t play markets, he is markets! Not only is he a market maker, but he always makes sure he owns part of the infrastructure of that market too. Bill sells pans…Be more Bill!

If you want to find out how you can Be more Bill and join a growing group of fabulous, free-thinkers, just ask me more: If you want to find out how your Bitcoin or any other crytpocurrency you hold can help you do this, definitely ask more. Remember:

“When everyone is panning for gold, sell pans” 

And finally…how come I advised everyone to buy $100 of Bitcoin a few days ago? Simple, it is $100!  I urged you to only do that. I gave you the step by step. Why? It is an investment in your own knowledge, because once you own the tiniest amount of one cryptocurrency you know the process of how to own any. You are ready to take advantage of anything that comes a long…that is an investment in YOUR OWN personal security system. That is exactly what I mean when I say: Be more Bill!