Mediocrity or Complacency…which one is going to run you down…? Because you are mired in one or the other…!

Question: the Global Monetary System gets to the point of a reset that will impact everything…which of the authorities that you allow to control your life is going to drop you a brief note to warn you to protect yourself…?

You can create change if you are angry…
You can create change if you are excited…
Imagine what you can do if you are excited angry…?

(watch out, it may end up looking like this…)

I know stuff you don’t know. Including the answer at the top: none of them, of course.

What else do I know…? I know that either mediocrity or complacency is going to run you down.

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If you want to know why I am ranting – excited angry – on my stage on a sunny Sunday morning then watch this Pomfret YouTube video:

I am funnelling you into Mediocrity or Complacency – much to your chagrin – and you haven’t clicked on that link? Then I was right…! 

Think about this…I ask will any authorities that run your life write to you and warn you that the Global Monetary System is about to go through a life changing reset? Will they give you that window of opportunity to protect yourself and your family in any tiny way possible that could be your lifeline, or will they be all consumed looking out for their own protection and lifelines?

Why would they warn you?  Most won’t have a clue – especially your bank – and the rest have too much to lose to empower you with that information.

“Christopher you are looking and sounding like you have crossed the boundary of lunacy…”  If that is your response then you are definitely going to be run down by one of them: mediocrity or complacency. This has happened three times on a GLOBAL SCALE since 1913 – we have such short memories, and it has happened to individual countries many times in the last couple of decades…Venezuela right now!  History is right there for you to do your own research. Will you find letters written to the citizens from any authority telling them how to protect and save themselves? Look hard…prove me wrong.

Do you think you will always find evidence of the excited angry lunatics…what do you think?   

Is there a third way?  Of course, if you are not in mediocrity or complacency…fabulous, then you are one of the enlightened ones…let’s plan right now!  Oh, and please share the heck out of this blog…be the authority in someone’s life that does care enough to say “If Not Now, Then When”…