Chicken Little & Janet Yellen – The Chair of The Federal Reserve – what do they have in common…?

This is not my first Chicken Little moment…”The Sky is Falling…The Sky is Falling”…again!

Today’s blog is going to be a lot of fun…what do they have in common?

My 2017 version of being Chicken Little is actually Phase 2. Ten years ago, I wrote a book about the control corporations have over us and where they were driving the economy at that time.

As those of you who have been following me for some time will know, I draw my sources of inspiration from a very broad church. In 2007, it was Daniel Quinn and his remarkable book “Ishmael” . Within the rather unusual dialogue between a man and a gorilla, he gives us the theory of “the law of things“. He describes how the human race has developed often by using successes and failures where appropriate, for example he says that “trial and error isn’t a bad way to build an aircraft”.  Fair enough, surely? However, he continues with a prophetic statement “but it can be a disastrous way to learn how to build a civilisation”. OhMyGosh was there ever a truer statement?

Right now Janet Yellen is guilty of running the economy on exactly the same basis as those courageous and often crazy pioneers of flight. They would build their flying machines and hurtle themselves off things or over things to get airborne. You have seen the pictures! Now apart from those utterly disastrous ones that actually collapsed like a cardboard box at take-off, every single one of those early machines was apparently flying for a period of time. That is until suddenly they were hurtling towards the ground and no longer flying, but heading them and their crew into a lot of pain at best, death at worst. Trial and error for sure, but our skies all over the world are testimony that it finally worked!

Even to the majority the world economy may seem like it is flying along very nicely, the signs are all there that it is actually already hurtling towards the ground – truly it stands on the precipice of the next huge correction. How could we possibly have got here so soon again? I said Janet Yellen was “guilty” when I likened her to the flying machine men and women. Perfect word. My book in 2007 was based around the concept that the world economy, exactly like civilisation, was a terrible thing to try and run by trial and error. Three weeks ago, in London, she stood before the world’s media and stated: “there won’t be another financial crisis in our lifetime”! 

Whilst this is a truly extraordinary and irresponsible statement, it is a complete insight into the truth that the Federal Reserve are running the economy by trial and error: never learning from the mistakes. To get an “experts” view of that then please watch this video (they talk about this very thing at minute 11:15 ) … 

What do they have in common? Chicken Little is make believe and urges us to consider the world view. Janet Yellen urges us to ignore the world view and then comes up with something that can only be called make believe. Polar opposites yes, but two real cartoon characters.

Oh by the way…when I had my Chicken Little phase one, I was ignored by pretty much everyone. I am not suggesting I predicted the melt down quite so quickly from there, but you remember what began in 2008, right?

I have a feeling rather more people will take notice this time!