Buying Bitcoin…for those that have asked me about the step-by-step

Bitcoin, Ethereum plummet in value as the whole market contracts by over 20%….warning: Go Slow!

When you get lots of messages saying this kind of thing:   “I see Bitcoin but have no idea how to get one, I see gold shooting up in price, I feel the criminality of government monetarily, over to you the Pomfret”…and in addition to being humbled, it becomes clear it is time to cover this again.
For those that want a step by step…
My suggestions:
  • go at this steady and slow – there’s no rush
  • open two different wallets – see links below
  • go through the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification and if at any stage you don’t understand anything just ask – get used to it
  • buy Bitcoin first and get a feel for how and what you are doing – you can watch the price charts on the platforms on which you are opening the wallets
  • do not rush into investing a large amount – see my suggestion and what I did below
  • you can download the apps from each platform or use their webpages through your browser
  • watch what is about to unfold in the market over the next few weeks…I promise you this is going to be a very exciting ride!
As you have read I have done my weeks of research – and got my hands dirty – and this is my suggested two step process for starters:
  • Go through this link and open your Coinbase wallet. The verification took me 24 hours. I then bought $100 of Bitcoin. This meant that the person that I got the referral link from got $10 of Bitcoin as a referrers fee and I got a $10 of Bitcoin joining bonus. If you do the same we both get the same. A 10% uplift on the initial investment simply seemed like a no-brainer…it is! 
  • I then went through the process of opening this Bitwala wallet, because this is the one I got my debit card through…now that was a game changer:
If you get to that point you will be in front of more than 99% of the population and ready to go anywhere and in any direction with what is coming next in the digital world!
Welcome to the disruptive minority. 

But Why Would I Buy Now…the Market is Way Down?

Yes the two different graphs do nail that point!
But we are talking $100 maximum right now…and better now than last week surely?