“Expect big energy companies to go bankrupt over resistance to change”

Fossil Fuels…Renewables…Geo-Politics…World Recession…Low Carbon Economy…the list goes on endlessly.

My question is: which path do “they” take us down given the crossroads at which we stand?

No doubt what this chap thinks – Jeremy Leggett, Solar Century founder. It is Jeremy’s quote above: “We can expect big energy companies to go bankrupt over resistance to change”:


You can see where the quote came from and his very interesting thoughts in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLuCu8Fck2E.

Now depending on your personal take on this you might be intrigued by his latest venture which is an idea to be launched via crowdfunding: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-big-boost-climate-project.

I have another question: does this make you feel like this about solar and renewables or not?



solar with heart


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Why did I start Community Buying…?


I guess i started Community Buying because i wanted to influence that difference, I saw an injustice. I wanted to influence the change that would right that wrong. 

My background is consultant in all things to do with Sustainability: hence the latest Community Buying venture is involving Heat Pumps. So I certainly did not launch Community Buying to become an expert on Heating OIL that’s for sure. I did it because I believe when you see what you perceive to be an injustice then you should do everything you can to follow the philosophy of those who knew a thing or two about fighting for a cause: “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” – Martin Luther King Jr.

What happened is almost impossible to fathom – millions of pounds saved, thousands of members joining the group and, probably of greatest importance, hundreds of communities finding their voice and saying enough! Simple as this, when a community chooses it can achieve anything. Those that come together and change the way they buy stuff via Community Buying are then able to evolve that it many different ways.

This week I head to speak at the DTA Scotland conference and I cannot wait to meet so many people that influence communities and inspire change where many believe it is impossible. In my session we are going to go all Pimlico! One of my favourite old films is one of the classic Ealing Comedies: “Passport to Pimlico”. Watch out because we are going to design a brand new product in that session…actually I am going to let them do all the hard work: they will be designing it!

passport to pimlico

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Day Three: Dear David…this is what we are doing about it

Over the last four winters we have done our very best to tackle what is a hideous issue for many heating OIL users – OIL Fuel Poverty. Having completed some very important work with many charities – including AgeUK over the last winter – it was obvious that there is a massive void in the UK as no organisation exists that is dedicated completely to eradicating this one issue. Age UK’s Charity Director General, Michelle Mitchell makes the case perfectly: ‘Many of our poorest and most vulnerable older people live in the country and have little choice, but to use heating oil to keep warm. A significant number can’t afford the hundreds of pounds they have to pay up front and simply do without, often, in the coldest months of the year.’ She goes on to say that those living in the coldest homes cost the NHS over £1.3 billion – and that is just in England. In other words many see this as a massive problem, but none of the organisations that work to eradicate Fuel Poverty have the level of expertise, knowledge or even the practical resource required to specifically help those who are fuel poor and use Heating OIL. Step forward Marion Lathar!
OIL Fuel Poverty Solutions – Marion Lathar is in the midst of launching a brand new social enterprise that will act as a resource and a hub for ALL charities, social enterprises and good causes working to eradicate Fuel Poverty, but that have no specialist knowledge about those using Heating OIL. She will be stepping into a vacuum that only she could fill. It has been an extraordinary pleasure to both work with Marion and to watch her confidently gain real expertise in this subject during her four years with CBL. We know we have saved lives together in that time. Marion is about to launch something that will go on to save thousands more.  
What next? The two organisations will be completely separate, but there are many ways in which we will be able to work together as allies and I look forward to developing this on many levels this winter. Further to this we will collaborate with as many organisations as we can as we seek to eradicate this pernicious issue. No doubt when we meet you will want to collaborate with us too.


Energy price hikes “inevitable”, we have a cunning plan

Energy prices will rise by 5-10% before the end of the year! According to one of the many money sites that we monitor on behalf of our members the message is clear, as this comes: from suppliers directly, with one saying that price rises were “inevitable” while another claimed it was an “indisputable fact that energy costs are rising”.

Oh that’s just brilliant. I know it is hardly a major shock, but come on the Winter only just finished in May and so we must surely only be half way through the Summer, the consumer deserves some respite, right?

We have some big news. Good big news. We have that respite. Not only have we just piloted a superbly clever way to reduce the cost of energy – in addition to our group buying reductions – but we are set to tackle the size of the energy bills of every single one of our members too.

It is a really simple concept. If you reduce the energy waste in your home, not only can the size of the bill be cut by a third in a year, but it will stay cut by a third for the following year and every subsequent year. It is of course also the greenest energy too, the energy that you never use, never waste, never pay for. We are about to help you save that wasted energy once and then save it again and again. This really is the time to watch this space and we will bring you a cunning plan.